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Anagrams of Sports

Here are some of the funniest and best
Anagrams of Sports ever found. They are mostly well-known amongst anagrammists.

Los Angeles Lakers- less legal Koreans

San Francisco Giants- Fascinating! No scars!

Los Angeles Dodgers- all negro goddesses

San Diego Padres- ignored sad apes

Derek Jeter = jerked tree

American football - formation ball ace

volleyball = lovely ball

The Cincinnati Reds = Indecent Christian


New York Mets: My Worst Knee

Ice Hockey: Key Choice

Basketball: Bleak Blast

Gymnastics: Stingy Scam

Table Tennis: Baste Linnet

Bobsleighing: Genghis Bilbo

Tae Kwon Do: Woad Token

Parascending: Nice Grandpas

Field Hockey: Cheeky If Old

Skateboarding: Sabotaged Rink

Badminton: Bind On Mat

Lawn Tennis: Wants Linen

Baseball: Babes All

Detroit Red Wings: Wetting Disorder

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