Anagrams of Common Sayings and Cliches

First let us see few short
Anagrams of common sayings and clichés, often with a humorous link between the phrases and their Anagrams.

Some originated in the nineteenth century.

Anagrams of common sayings and cliches have not escaped the attention of anagrammists.

These are some of the best ones.

The end of the World is nigh =
Down this hole, frightened

The best things in life are free =
Nail-biting refreshes the feet

A stitch in time saves nine =
is this meant as incentive

If at first you don't succeed =
try deft, if cautious, second

One good turn deserves another =
Do rogues endorse that? No, never

Rome wasn't built in a day =
but laid in two years, man

Rome wasn't built in a day =
but Italians may wonder

Rome was not built in a day =
any labor I do wants time

To cast pearls before swine =
One’s labor is perfect waste

Many a true word is spoken in jest =
Men joke, and so win trusty praise

The meaning of life =
the fine game of nil

Please hold the line =
Telephone aids Hell

Time and tide wait for no man =
Notified madman into water

Say it with flowers =
we flirt so this way

Here's some clever
long anagrams of the famous to be or not to be monologue from Shakespeare's Hamlet. And amusing anagrams of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing quote.

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