Anagrams of Famous People

Here are some of the funniest and best
Anagrams of Famous People ever found. They are mostly well-known amongst anagrammists.

Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)=Mortality

Martha Stewart = rawest math rat

Rossanne Arnold - rare London ass

Adam Sandler - Dream Sandal

River Phoenix - Hip Iron Vexer (as seen in the movie Sneakers)

Jennifer Aniston - fine in torn jeans

Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte) - Jaded Lemon And Jaded Melon

Charles Bronson - Has nobler scorn

Charleton Heston - Heathen Controls

Pauly Shore - Your she-pal

Dennis Rodman: Odd in manners

Dennis Rodman = Demon Innard

Adam Sandler: Darn Sad Male

John Mayer - Enjoy harm

Michael Jordan - major held icon

Drew Carey = Carry Weed

Dennis Rodman= random Dennis
Paris Hilton – Hairpin Slot

Charles Manson- Harmless Canon

Princess Diana = end is a car spin

Nicole Kidman: nicknamed oil

Elizabeth the First - zebra teeth are filth

T.S. Eliot - toilets

Bill Gates: gets a bill

Alec Guinness: genuine class

Mel Gibson: Bong Smile

Mel Gibson: Big Melons

Clint Eastwood: Old West Action

Tom Cruise: So I'm Cuter

David Letterman: Nerd Amid Late TV

Howard Stern: Retard Shown

Tyra Banks: Yanks brat

President Clinton of the USA: To Copulate he finds interns

Cindy Crawford: Fry candid crow

Judge Lance Ito: No get Juide, Lad

Here are some of the funniest and best
Anagrams of famous people ever found. They are mostly well-known amongst anagrammists.

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