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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Sachin was not the oldest man.

    (a) credo

    (b) saga

    (c) youngest

  2. Sachin won many medals.

    (a) great

    (b) little

    (c) few

  3. It existed in many of the world’s early civilizations.

    (a) lot of

    (b) much

    (c) late

  4. The modern game we know is hockey.

    (a) old

    (b) new

    (c) fresh

  5. It was a popular English school game.

    (a) famous

    (b) unknown

    (c) shining

  6. Sachin hit his first test.

    (a) last

    (b) second

    (c) third

  7. Sachin won many cups.

    (a) wondered

    (b) demised

    (c) defeated


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