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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Sachin was not the oldest man.

    (a) credo

    (b) saga

    (c) youngest

    ANSWER : youngest

  2. Sachin won many medals.

    (a) great

    (b) little

    (c) few

    ANSWER : few

  3. It existed in many of the world’s early civilizations.

    (a) lot of

    (b) much

    (c) late

    ANSWER : late

  4. The modern game we know is hockey.

    (a) old

    (b) new

    (c) fresh

    ANSWER : old

  5. It was a popular English school game.

    (a) famous

    (b) unknown

    (c) shining

    ANSWER : unknown

  6. Sachin hit his first test.

    (a) last

    (b) second

    (c) third

    ANSWER : last

  7. Sachin won many cups.

    (a) wondered

    (b) demised

    (c) defeated

    ANSWER : defeated

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