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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Only I had been stupid.

    (a) idiotic

    (b) foolish

    (c) sagacious

    ANSWER : sagacious

  2. I remember you always.

    (a) recollect

    (b) memorize

    (c) forget

    ANSWER : forget

  3. She seems to be shy.

    (a) bold

    (b) clever

    (c) brilliant

    ANSWER : bold

  4. He loved all.

    (a) hated

    (b) real

    (c) strange

    ANSWER : hated

  5. He is doing manual work.

    (a) amusing

    (b) real

    (c) mechanical

    ANSWER : mechanical

  6. Don’t be serious.

    (a) funny

    (b) real

    (c) authentic

    ANSWER : funny

  7. This is the common thing.

    (a) strange

    (b) funny

    (c) real

    ANSWER : strange

  8. This is false idea.

    (a) mechanical

    (b) automatic

    (c) real

    ANSWER : real

  9. He is a famous person.

    (a) unknown

    (b) passive

    (c) active

    ANSWER : unknown

  10. There is a public library in our city.

    (a) stupidity

    (b) natural

    (c) personal

    ANSWER : personal

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