English Grammar Index

Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Only I had been stupid.

    (a) idiotic

    (b) foolish

    (c) sagacious

  2. I remember you always.

    (a) recollect

    (b) memorize

    (c) forget

  3. She seems to be shy.

    (a) bold

    (b) clever

    (c) brilliant

  4. He loved all.

    (a) hated

    (b) real

    (c) strange

  5. He is doing manual work.

    (a) amusing

    (b) real

    (c) mechanical

  6. Don’t be serious.

    (a) funny

    (b) real

    (c) authentic

  7. This is the common thing.

    (a) strange

    (b) funny

    (c) real

  8. This is false idea.

    (a) mechanical

    (b) automatic

    (c) real

  9. He is a famous person.

    (a) unknown

    (b) passive

    (c) active

  10. There is a public library in our city.

    (a) stupidity

    (b) natural

    (c) personal


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