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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. With a sheepish smile...

    (a) ignorant

    (b) good

    (c) royal

  2. They urged him to do this week.

    (a) pacified

    (b) compelled

    (c) wondered

  3. They rescued him.

    (a) saved

    (b) wondered

    (c) lost

  4. I am very eager to help you.

    (a) anxious

    (b) nice

    (c) hateful

  5. Travel comes from the name of an ancient instrument.

    (a) old

    (b) modern

    (c) new

  6. Travelling was considered very dangerous.

    (a) ancient

    (b) modern

    (c) safe

  7. Adventures had a few qualities in common.

    (a) incessant

    (b) cockpit

    (c) uncommon


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