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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. With a sheepish smile...

    (a) ignorant

    (b) good

    (c) royal

    ANSWER : royal

  2. They urged him to do this week.

    (a) pacified

    (b) compelled pacified

    (c) wondered

    ANSWER :

  3. They rescued him.

    (a) saved

    (b) wondered

    (c) lost

    ANSWER : lost

  4. I am very eager to help you.

    (a) anxious

    (b) nice

    (c) hateful

    ANSWER : hateful

  5. Travel comes from the name of an ancient instrument.

    (a) old

    (b) modern

    (c) new

    ANSWER : new

  6. Travelling was considered very dangerous.

    (a) ancient

    (b) modern

    (c) safe

    ANSWER : safe

  7. Adventures had a few qualities in common.

    (a) incessant

    (b) cockpit

    (c) uncommon

    ANSWER : uncommon

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