English Grammar Index

Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. They were curious about everything.

    (a) horizon

    (b) zoom

    (c) hateful

  2. They were not afraid of danger.

    (a) bold

    (b) brave

    (c) fearful

  3. This is the best way.

    (a) famous

    (b) sad

    (c) ancient

  4. Marco Polo was a great traveller.

    (a) sorrowful

    (b) clearing

    (c) happy

  5. Sailors became worried.

    (a) worst

    (b) softest

    (c) finest

  6. You’ll fancy nothing.

    (a) swank

    (b) clearing

    (c) hidden

  7. I do not remember having ever told a lie.

    (a) truth

    (b) falsehood

    (c) proposition


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