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Choose the correct Antonyms for the underlined words.

  1. They were curious about everything.

    (a) horizon

    (b) zoom

    (c) hateful

    ANSWER : hateful

  2. They were not afraid of danger.

    (a) bold

    (b) brave

    (c) fearful

    ANSWER : bold

  3. This is the best way.

    (a) famous

    (b) sad

    (c) ancient

    ANSWER : sad

  4. Marco Polo was a great traveller.

    (a) sorrowful

    (b) clearing

    (c) happy

    ANSWER : sorrowful

  5. Sailors became worried.

    (a) worst

    (b) softest

    (c) finest

    ANSWER : worst

  6. You’ll fancy nothing.

    (a) swank

    (b) clearing

    (c) hidden

    ANSWER : hidden

  7. I do not remember having ever told a lie.

    (a) truth

    (b) falsehood

    (c) proposition

    ANSWER : truth

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