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Fill up the blanks with the suitable articles (A, AND, THE)

  1. It is true that his error amounted to less than one tenth of ____ percent, in _____ total, but it was ____ error all same.

  2. Rajaji was ____ popular statesman. He was ____ effective speaker both in Tamil and English. He translated ____ Mahabharata into English. ____ Government of India honoured him with “Bharat Ratna”.

  3. Mani was on ____ visit to Mumbai. On ____ way he lost ____ purse. He sent ____ telegram to his father for sending ____ amount of Rs. 300/-.

  4. Ours was ____ middle class family. Still I wanted to study medicine and become ____ doctor. My aim was to render service to ____ poor in ____ villages.

  5. In the evening ____ stranger walks towards ____ seas. ____ roaring sea was with big waves and ____ old man was seen there.

  6. ____ Ganges is ____ longest river in India. It originates at ____ place called Gangotri. Banaras, ____ ancient town, is situated on its bank.

  7. Madurai is known as ____ temple city. It is ____ well planned city. ____ people of this city are hospitable and kind ____ European took several photos of ____ surrounding places.


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