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Fill up the blanks with the suitable articles (A, AND, THE)

  1. The Ganges is ____ temple city. It is ____ Hindus. It is their belief that ____ dip in it will wash away their sins.

  2. My uncle lives in ____ village. He is ____ excellent musician. ____ piano of his own and he taught me how to play ____ piano.

  3. Ramu had applied for ____ post of ____ cashier in ____ bank. In ____ interview he answered some questions well.

  4. ____ old man said to his daughter, “if ____ servant finds any money on ____ floor when she cleans room it is mine.

  5. Though ____ elephant is ____ biggest of animals, ____ lion is ____ king of forests.

  6. ____ merchant, who was trading in salt, used to carry with him ____ load of salt on ____ donkey to next town, while doing so he had to wade through ____ stream.

  7. Turkey has ____ Coastal plain and ____ plateau, in centre. ____ Coastal region has ____ Mediterranean type of climate.

  8. At ____ steps of ____ court-room he met ____ prisoner, now ____ freeman.


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