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Fill up the blanks with the suitable articles (A, AND, THE)

  1. The Ganges is an temple city. It is the Hindus. It is their belief that a dip in it will wash away their sins.

  2. My uncle lives in a village. He is an excellent musician. The piano of his own and he taught me how to play the piano.

  3. Ramu had applied for the post of a cashier in the bank. In an interview he answered some questions well.

  4. An old man said to his daughter, “if a servant finds any money on the floor when she cleans room it is mine.

  5. Though an elephant is the biggest of animals, the lion is the king of forests.

  6. The merchant, who was trading in salt, used to carry with him the load of salt on a donkey to next town, while doing so he had to wade through the stream.

  7. Turkey has the Coastal plain and the plateau, in centre. The Coastal region has the Mediterranean type of climate.

  8. At the steps of the court-room he met a prisoner, now the freeman.

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