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Bargain and Bargaining

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Bargain : noun :

(a) Agreement on the price of something

• To make a bargain

• To drive a hard bargain : to be a difficult negotiator

• To strike a hard bargain : to agree a deal which is favourable to you

• It is a bad bargain : it is not worth the price

(b) Thing which is cheaper than usual

• That car is a (real) bargain at £500.

Bargain Hunter : person who looks for cheap deals

(c) Sale of one lot of shares on the Stock Exchange

Bargains Done : number of deals made on the Stock Exchange during a day

Bargain : verb : to discuss a price for something

• You will have to bargain with the dealer if you want a discount.

• They spent two hours bargaining about or over the price.

NOTE : You bargain with someone over or about or for something

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