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Bargain Basement : noun : basement floor in a shop where goods are sold cheaply

• I'm selling this at a bargain basement price : I'm selling this very cheaply.

Bargain Counter : noun : counter in a shop where goods are sold cheaply

Bargain Offer : norm sale of a particular type of goods at a cheap price

• This week's bargain offer - 30% off all carpet prices.

Bargain Price : noun : cheap price

• These carpets are for sale at a bargain price.

Bargain Sale : noun : sale of all goods in a store at cheap prices

Bargaining : noun : act of discussing a price, usually wage increases for workers

Collective Bargaining : negotiations between employers and workers' representatives over wage increases and conditions

Bargaining Power : strength of one person or group when discussing prices or wage settlements

Bargaining Position : statement of position by one group during negotiations

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