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( Preposition, Conjunction & Adverb)

Do not hesitate to speak beforeevery one.


1. Preceding

2. Ahead

3. Prior to

4. In front of

5. Previous to

6. Formerly

7. Above

8. Already

Contextual Examples:

In an essay each paragraph should be connected by sequence with the preceding one.

Will you go ahead with this project?

The picture must be painted prior to its fitting in the frame.

They have built a factory in front of my house. It will always be a source of noise and nuisance.

He had already visited France prior to his present tour to Moscow.

Formerly he was an ambassador. Now he has been appointed as Governor.

The hare was surprised to see that the tortoise had already reached the destination.

The passage quoted above has been taken from Hamlet- the famous play of Shakespeare.


1. Succeeding

2. After

3. Behind

4. Alter

5. Following

6. Subsequently

7. Afterward

Contextual Examples:

We have added a few notes on the subject in the succeeding chapter.

The minister also addressed the meeting after the Secretary had finished his introductory address.

Afterwards the local leaders spoke one by one.

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