Belief : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

I have not much belief in his honesty.


1. Trust

2. Credit

3. Faith

4. Opinion

5. Idea

6. View

7. Mind

Contextual Examples:

• We should not trust those politicians who make big promises only at the time of elections.

• Some traders sell their goods on credit but then they charge higher rate of interests.

• People had great faith in the leadership of Abraham Lincoln.

• Students generally hesitate to express their opinion frankly when it concerns their teacher.

• They have been selected with a view to reflect both the thought and action of the writer’s life.

• Daps will not mind spending more money provided he is sure that this venture will fetch him huge profit.

Belief gives you more energy.


1. Distrust

2. Whim

3. Discredit

4. Suspicion

5. Doubt

6. Disbelief

7. Misgiving

Contextual Examples:

Distrust between the husband and wife was the main reason their divorce.

• The officers who are whimsical can not be depended upon to perform their duty effectively.

• Ram has of late developed some misgivings about Sham.

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