Synonyms & Antonyms : Benevolence


( Noun )

His benevolence made it possible for many poor boys to attend college.


• God’s Grace

• Selflessness

• Kindness

• Kindliness

• Charity

• Humanity

• Fellow Feelings

• Good Nature

• Brotherly Love

• Mercy

• Pity

• Bounty

• Good Offices

• Public Service

Contextual Examples:

With god’s grace, he could survive the accident.

Swami Ramakrishna was a living example of selflessness and kindness.

He believes in the maxim “Charity begins at home”.

Dorris has a benign personality. She has good nature and she does feel pity for others.

UNESCO has done tremendous work for the betterment humanity.

Mechanical life makes a man lose fellow feeling and brotherly love for others.

Officers of Industrial Relations machinery are supposed to use their good offices to bring harmony between the employers and the employees.


• Ill Nature

• Spite

• Cruelty

• Inhumanity

• Evil eye

• Evil intent

• Enmity

• Hate

• Hatred

• Malice

• Venom

• Churlishness

• Outrage

Contextual Examples:

His ill-nature is the cause of his unpopularity.

He has earned spite of many friends due to his churlishness.

He does work with cruelty against his enmities.

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