Synonyms & Antonyms : Bewilder


( Verb )

The old woman from the country was bewildered by the big crowds and traffic in the big city.


• Problem

• Poser

• Mystery

• Enigma

All problems have a solution but one needs determination to solve them.

Existence of god was a great poser for the priest to prove.

Even the scientists have failed to unveil the mystery of cosmos completely.

His behaviour has become an enigma for the psychiatrist which the latter are trying to analyze for the last two month.


• Enlighten

• Teach

• Illuminate

• Inform

• Edify

• Instruct

I do not know to edit a book. Would you enlighten me?

Will you teach me English?

The banquet hall is illuminated by bright lights.

My friends informed me about Raja’s evil intentions.

Ram was appointed to instruct some ten boys on first-aid.

The charity show was not an edifying spectacle.

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