Simple Sentences used
at Bus Stand

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Simple Sentences used at Bus Stand :

  1. Which city do you belong?

  2. The same city.

  3. We should not depend on town bus.

  4. It won't come at the exact time.

  5. It costs Rs. 10/- in town bus.

  6. Very expensive' Sir.

  7. What will you buy?

  8. Rajmahal is known for silk.

  9. Will you have lunch in a hotel?

  10. 100 persons boarded a bus.

  11. Very bad bus.

  12. The same bus has been plying for ten years.

  13. Do you ask me?

  14. I am 'a peon in the collectorate.

  15. Daily I am travelling by the same bus.

  16. Some days the bus has left me.

  17. It's 10 years since the road has been laid.

  18. Auto journey is terrible.

  19. Surrounded by farmers.

  20. Fresh vegetables are available in the market.

  21. Where were you before this?

  22. I have been in Coimbatore till last year.

  23. Madurai is not like that.

  24. It is too hot in summer.

  25. Meenakshi Arnman Temple is very famous.

  26. If we trust Meenakshi, she won't give up.

  27. Which Meenakshi?

  28. My wife's name is also Meenakshi.

  29. No profession is here.

  30. Only 500 small hotels are here.

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