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By Doctor

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Simple Sentences used by Doctor :

  1. Is the doctor available?

  2. Mmm. He is available.

  3. I have to see him immediately.

  4. Can't see him immediately.

  5. There are many ahead of you.

  6. No, It is urgent.

  7. What is urgent?

  8. He is suffocating.

  9. Isn't! Go now itself.

  10. Good Morning Sir.

  11. I am Vasanth.

  12. I feel chest-pain Doctor.

  13. Lie down in the bed.

  14. For how many days did you feel the pain?

  15. For the past 24 days.

  16. You should have come at once.

  17. I thought it would be alright soon.

  18. Breathe in and breathe out.

  19. Get up.

  20. What happened to me, Doctor?

  21. Let us take ECG.

  22. Nurse, Take an ECG for him.

  23. Has the ECG report come?

  24. Nothing to you Vasanth.

  25. The report is positive.

  26. Nothing to you as you thought.

  27. It may be due to gas trouble.

  28. Take rest.

  29. You will be alright.

  30. Take these tablets for 2 days.

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