Difficult Words : Catharsis, Catholic, Caustic, Celibacy, Censure and Cerebral

Difficult Words ( Catharsis, Catholic,Caustic, Celibacy, Censure and Cerebral ) and their usages have been explained here in detail.

Catharsis (kuh THAR sis) n: purification that brings emotional relief or renewal

To someone with psychological problems, talking to a psychiatrist can lead to a catharsis. A catharsis is a sometimes traumatic event, after which one feels better.

A catharsis is cathartic. Some people find emotional movies cathartic watching one often allows them to release buried emotions. Cathartic can also be a noun. Young Teddy swallowed the contents of a bottle of shoe polish, so his mother gave him a raw egg as a cathartic to make him vomit.


Catholic (KATH uh lik) adj: universal; embracing everything

Catholic with as small "c" means universal. Da Vinci was a catholic genius who excelled at everything he did. Parochial means narrow-minded, so parochial and catholic are almost opposites.

Caustic (KAW stik) adj: like acid; corrosive

Paint remover is a caustic substance, if you spill on your skin, your skin will burn.

The caustic detergent ate right through Hendy’s laundry.

Caustic can be used figuratively as well. A Caustic comment is one that is so nasty or insulting that it seems to sting or burn the person to whom it is directed. The teacher's caustic criticism of Sally's term paper left her in tears.


Celibacy (SEL ee buh see) n: abstinence from sex

To practice celibacy is to be celibate. You will take a very long time in Holly wood before you find a celibate celebrity.

Celibacy is one of the requirements for Catholic Priesthood.

Censure (SEN shur) v: to condemn severely for doing something bad.

The Senate sometimes censures senators for breaking laws or engaging in behavior unbecoming to an elected official.

Censure can also be a noun. The clumsy physician feared the censure of his fellow doctors, so he stopped treating anything more complicated than the common cold.

A Senate that made a habit of censuring senators might be said to be censorious. To be censorious is to be highly critical, to do a lot of censuring.


Cerebral(SER uh brul) adj: brainy; intellectually refined

Your cerebrum is the biggest part of your brain. To be cerebral is to do and care about things that really smart people do and care about.

A cerebral discussion is one that is filled with big words and concerns abstruse matters that ordinary people can't understand.

Bills was too cerebral to be baseball announcer, he kept talking about the existentialism of the outfield.

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