A Word A Day : Certitude

Monday, 3rd December 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : surt-ti-tood

1. Something that is assured or unfailing

2. Total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant

3. Sureness of occurrence or result

4. The state of being certain, complete assurance


Middle English, from Late Latin certitd, from Latin certus, certain


Conviction, Certainty, Sureness, Assurance, Confidence, Belief, Faith, Cocksureness, Overconfidence

Contextual Examples:

• Their coming could have been predicted with the same certitude that astronomers to-day predict the outcome of the movements of stars.

• There were four of these steps, and she went up them, a step at a time, slowly, unwaveringly, and with so dogged certitude that it never entered my mind that her strength could fail her.

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