Difficult Words : Charisma, Chagrin, Charlatan, Chasm, Chastise and Chicanery

Difficult Words ( Charisma, Chagrin, Charlatan, Chasm, Chastise and Chicanery) and their usages have been explained here in detail.

Chagrin (Shuh GRIN) n: humiliation; embarrassed disappointment

Much to my chagrin, I began to giggle during the existentialism of the outfield

Doug was filled with chagrin when he lost the race because he had put his shoes on the wrong feet.

The word chagrin is sometimes used incorrectly to mean surprise. There is, how ever, a definite note of shame in chagrin.

To be chagrined is to feel humiliated or mortified.


Charisma (kuh RIZ muh) n: a magical-seeming ability to attract followers or inspire loyalty

The glamorous presidential candidate had a lot of charisma. Voters didn't seem to support him as much as be entranced by him.

The evangelist's undeniable charisma enabled him to bring in millions and millions of dollars in donations to his television show.

To have charisma is to be charismatic.

Charlatan (SHAR luh tun) n: fraud; quack; con man

Buck was selling what he claimed was a cure for cancer, but he was just a charlatan (the pills were jelly beans).

The flea market usually attracts a lot of charlatans, who sell phony products that don't do what they claim they will.


Chasm (KAZ um) n: a deep, gaping hold; a gorge

Bill was so stupid that his girlfriend wondered whether there wasn't a chasm where his brain should be.

The bad guys were gaining, so the hero grabbed the heroine and swung across the chasm on a slender vine.

Chastise (chas TIZE) v: to inflict punishment on; to discipline

Mother chastised us for firing out bottle rockets through the living room window.

Chastising the dog for sleeping in the fireplace never seemed to do any good. The minute we turned our backs, he'd curl up in the ashes again.


Chicanery (shi KAY nuh ree) n: trickery; deceitfulness; artifice, especially legal or political

Political news would be dull were it not for the chicanery of our elected officials.

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