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You can not cheat money out of him.












Contextual Examples:

Sushi’s heart was filled with rancor when he found that this dearest friend had deceived him.

Investors were swindled out of millions of funds by stock broker.

Beware of the door-to-door salesmen who defraud the housewives by taking advances for the articles which they never deliver.

An art collector was fleeced of a million rupees by a cheat who sold him counterfeit paintings.

The lawyer tried to hoodwink the judge by confusing the main issue.

The fire brigade answered the emergency call but there was no fire – It was all a hoax.

The innocent villagers are often duped by swindler when they come to the cities.

You are deluding yourself if you think things will get better






Contextual Examples:

This in a nutshell is a fair assessment of the present situation.

I shall be grateful if you give us a true picture of the problems.

In that case I will offer you my aboveboard opinion.

The government tries to be just while setting industry labor disputes.

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