Cold Reply to A Letter of Love

This is a sample Cold Reply to the Letter of Love.

38 Hill Station,

27th April 2004.

Dear Mr. Sunil,

I am surprised at your imprudence in imagining that I would take any pleasure in reading the letter of one whom I have no interest in. In fact I have already consigned the letters, you wrote to me, to flames. I can not remember that out meeting at the Students Reunion was such an intimate affair as you describe it.

If I did chide you, it was in dead earnest to display unalloyed displeasure at your interest. That you have interpreted is all as warm response from me is the fig of your imagination which is blinded by some passing fancy.

I do not look forward to any more correspondence from you since each letter is an incriminating document which might mar my marriage to Capt. Rajah next month.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Sonya


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