Simple Sentences used
at College

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Simple Sentences used at College :

  1. In which school did you study?

  2. Are you from VHN?

  3. How much did you score in XII?

  4. Why did you select IT?

  5. I have got payment seat.

  6. They got 5 lakhs.

  7. We will stay in the same room.

  8. I expect purity.

  9. You are also such.

  10. Our college is very ancient.

  11. We should study well.

  12. We should get a job in the campus interview.

  13. The class is not boring.

  14. I think the hostel food is good.

  15. We have a separate computer.

  16. We get Experienced Professors.

  17. We have well equipped Lab.

  18. Our college is spread over 500 acres.

  19. What is your father?

  20. My father is a farmer.

  21. We belong to middle class.

  22. Will they let us free on Sunday?

  23. Will they provide non-vegetarian weekly two days?

  24. No, here is only vegetarian.

  25. I move freely.

  26. Are you a bookworm?

  27. You told me you are a farmer.

  28. Then you harvest marks.

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