Synonyms & Antonyms : Conscientious


( Adjective )

What we lack now a days is conscientiousworker.








Contextual Examples:

We should the very careful while handling glass utensils as they are easily breakable.

It is difficult to find an uncorrupt politician in our country.

The student must be faithful to their teachers.

She has done a meticulous and painstaking research on Golden Lagoons.

The company is proud of its diligent workers.









Contextual Examples:

Corruption is evident in every field of politics.

A number of corrupt officials have been dismissed from our Minister recently.

They were charged of profligate activities connected with selling confidential information to foreigners.

The wicked persons could not conceal their evil designs for long.

Their vile habits gave way to the security of their service.

She is very careless about her dresses.

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