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What does Cookie Pusher mean?

Cookie is the word Americans use for biscuit. A cookie pusher is someone who flatters people in order to get ahead in life.

For example:

• My boss is very lucky because the office is full of cookie pushers. He gets at least one free lunch every week.

• Ravi is a well-known cookie pusher in my class.

• A cookie pusher came in today and told me what a great guy I was.

By the way, a lazy person can also be called a cookie pusher.

For example:

• I don't understand how a no good cookie pusher like Kalyan got promoted.

• My boss said that from now on it's going to be only performance that counts. He is planning to fire all cookie pushers.

• Our government offices are overflowing with cookie pushers.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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