Synonyms & Antonyms : Courage


( Noun )

Courage and wisdom are two important traits that we should have to succeed.








Contextual Examples:

The child was awarded medal for his bravery from the principal.

The Principal taught their students boldness and bravery.

Heroism of Bhagat Singh has no parallel in history of India.

He was praised for his intrepidity in climbing a peak that no one else had dared to climb.

The fireman exhibited his valor when he saved several persons trapped in a burning building.

If you want him to do his best, put somebody on his mettle.






Contextual Examples:

To throw down arms at this stage will be show our cowardice.

The labor leader advised the workers to shed off timidity in their bargaining with the management.

The speech delivered by the Chairman of the Company showed his diffidence on the issue of labor welfare.

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