Synonyms & Antonyms : Crime

( Noun )

It is the business of the Police to prevent and detect crime.









Contextual Examples:

Untouchability is a sin against humanity.

The evil habits have estranged him from his kith and kin.

The Hindus believe that everyone is punished by God for his wrong-doing to others.

The motorist was fined for the offence of illegal parking.

He was punished for the felony of raping a girl.

Six persons were killed in the outrange committed by the mob.

He confessed his guilt before the priest and prayed for his guidance.







Contextual Examples:

Modesty is the first virtue of a successful individual.

Incorruption is the first virtue of a successful socialist democracy.

Very seldom can one enjoy the bliss of guiltlessness as humans may commit one guilt or the other consciously or unconsciously.

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