Difficult Words : Daunt, Cynic, Dearth, Debacle, Debauchery and Debilitate

Difficult Words: Daunt, Cynic, Dearth, Debacle, Debauchery and Debilitate

Cynic (SIN ik) n: one who deeply distrusts human nature, one who believes humans are motivated only by selfishness

When the rich man gave a million dollars to the museum, cynics said he was merely trying to buy himself a reputation as a cultured person.

To be cynical is to be extremely suspicious of the motivation of other People.

Cynicism is general grumpiness and pessimism about human nature.


Daunt (dawnt) v: to make fearful; to intimidate

The steepness of the mountain daunted the team of amateur climbers who hadn't realized what they were in for.

The size of the players on the visiting team was daunting. The players on the home team began to perspire nervously.

To be dauntless or undaunted is to be fearless or unintimidated. The rescue crew was undaunted by the flames and ran into the burning house look for survivors. They were dauntless in their effort to save the people inside.


Dearth (durth) n: lack, Scarcity

There is no dearth of comedy at a convention of clowns.

When there is dearth of food, many people many stare.

There was a dearth of gaiety at the boring Christmas Party.


Debacle (day BAH kul, day BAk ul, di BAH kul) n: violent breakdown; sudden overthrow

A football game can turn into a debacle if one team is suddenly being clobbered.

A political debate would become a debacle if the candidates began screaming and throwing dinner rolls at each other.

The government feels as a result of a debacle instigated by a scheming general.


Debauchery (di BAW Church ree) n: wild living; excessive intemperance Debauchery can be expensive. Fortunately for William, his wallet matched his appetite for extravagant pleasures. He died a poor albeit happy man..

To debauch is to seduce or corrupt. Someone who is debauched has been seduced or corrupted.


Debilitate (di BILL I TATE) v: to weaken; to cripple

Hank debilitated Joe by hitting him on the head with a skillet.

The football Player's career was ended by a debilitating injury to his knee.

To become debilitated is to suffer debility which is the opposite of ability. A surgeon who becomes debilitated is one who has lost the ability to operate on the debilities of other people.

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