Synonyms & Antonyms : Decrease


( Verb )

The population of this village has
decreased by 150 to 500.







Contextual Examples:

The doctor has advised her to
reduce her weight.

The crime rate in Delhi has been on the
decline for last four months.

This medicine will
subside the disease but cannot cure it.

Lack of rainfall
diminished the water supply.

The drug
lessened his pain and he slept well.









Contextual Examples:

The recent
increase in prices has upset many a family budget.

The teacher asked the students to
enlarge the paragraph into a full essay.

India’s role in Non-Align movement has greatly
enhanced India’s prestige in the committee of nations.

Each of the super–powers is interested in
extending its sphere of influence.

The Public Sector in India can greatly
augment the resources of the state.

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