Synonyms & Antonyms : Devoted


( Adjective )

She is
devoted to her children.







Contextual Examples:

The parents were ready to sacrifice anything for the happiness of their
affectionate son.

He got his Ph.D. Degree after an
assiduous research for seven years.

He has
dedicated his new book to his late mother.

The young wife is
fond of her husband. Her open gestures in public are, however, despised.

ardent patriot will not allow the separatist tendencies to grow.







Contextual Examples:

His employee proved to be
unfaithful in the emergent circumstances and deserted him.

faithless wife has applied for divorce in order to pick up a new husband.

The husband was
indifferent to the divorce sought by the faithless wife.

The husband and the wife were rather
cool to each other right from the day of their marriage.

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