Synonyms & Antonyms : Diplomatic


( Adjective )

He is refined person in diplomatic approach.









Contextual Examples:

How can one be discreet if one does not know about the past career of one’s opponent?

It was not prudent to undertake climbing of the steep slope. It has put her life in constant danger.

He was shrewd enough to understand how far he could go in criticizing the existing regime.

I like his sharp awareness of social niceties.

The secretary made an astute assessment of the strengths and weakness of the plans for reorganizing the department.

His judicious judgment has saved the family form its breakup.

In this matter you should ask a sagacious man for advice.








Contextual Examples:

His indiscretion has made him to lose the contract.

He was so imprudent in dealing with his boss that he could retain his job for just one month.

His tactless behavior lost him his best friend.

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