Donkey of Hodja : A Mulla Nasruddin Hodja Story

Donkey of Hodja

Let us enjoy reading this Mulla Nasruddin Hodja's Story of Donkey of Hodja .

Nasruddin Hodja took his donkey to the market place and sold it for 30 dinars.

The man who bought it immediately put it up for auction.

"Look at this fine animal!" he shouted to passersby. "Have you ever seen a better specimen of a donkey? See how clean and strong it is!"

And he went on to list the many qualities of the animal. At the end of his sales talk a man said he would give 40 dinars for it.

Another man offered 50. A third offered 55.

Hodja who was watching was amazed at the interest everyone was showing in the donkey.

"What a fool I was to think it an ordinary animal," thought Hodja. "It is an incomparable beast, one in a million..." He suddenly realized that the owner had received a good offer and was about to close the bidding.

"75 dinars once..." said the man."75 dinars twice..."

"80 dinars!" said Hodja.

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