Mulla Stories

Mulla Stories indicate the intelligence of Mulla Nasruddin. The name that every Afghan remembers hearing about in childhood. Here is few of the thousands of humurous and thoughtful stories about Him. His identity is being claimed by three countries. Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. The Nasruddin stories, known throughout the Middle East, constitute one of the strangest acheivements in the history of metaphysics. Superficially, most of the Nasruddin stories may be used as jokes. They are told and retold endlessly in the teahouses and caravanserais, in the homes and on the radio waves, of Asia. But it is inherent in the Nasruddin story that it may be understood at any of many depths. There is the joke, the moral - and the little extra which brings the consciousness of the potential mystic a little further on the way to realization.

A Question of Time

Donkey of Hodja

Fired by Fear

Hodja and The Scholar

Hodja Goes to Tailor

Hodja’s Holy House

Hodja in The Dust

Hodja is Relieved

Hodja Postpones Paying

Hodja Refuses to Write

Hodja's Rich Dream

Hodja Suggests Remedy

Hodja The King

Milk for Mullah

Sour Reply

Speedy Ox

Super Salesman

Sweet Quarrels

The Incomplete Coffin

The Mind-Reader

The Mulla in Muddle

The Mulla Pleads Poverty

The Relatives of Donkey

The Scholarly Coachman

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