Drought and Draught

Drought and Draught : What is the difference between these two words?

gh in drought is silent. The word rhymes with doubt, shout and pout. The gh in draught, on the other hand, is pronounced like the f in flesh, feet and foul. Draught is pronounced like the world draft. In American English, draught is spelt draft. We all know what drought means. It’s the period when we have continuous dry whether, and as a result, we don’t have enough water to meet our needs. Drought and famine are very common in some parts of Africa.

A Draught, on the other hand, is the unwanted current of air that comes into a place. For example, during winter nights, cold air manages to get into the house even when we have all the doors and windows closed.

• I could feel the cold draught coming through the wooden walls.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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