Synonyms & Antonyms : Eager


( Adjective )

His eager for success is the source of motivation for him to score more marks in this exam.









Contextual Examples:

My friend is desirous of her hand in marriage.

Children watched the clown with keen delight.

He is very enthusiastic about the plans he has made for his higher studies.

Deepak is very anxious to joint the military service.

The lawyer made a fervent plea for clemency.

The class was impatient for the vacations to begin.

Saurabh is the most zealous worker in the whole office.








Contextual Examples:

Mahatma Gandhi was a cool and calculated politician. He always found the non-violent way to his objective.

The government cannot remain unconcerned about the atmosphere of violence let loose by the extremists.

Of late Raja has become indifferent to studies.

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