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Teacher and Vinodh

Teacher : Vinodh, why are you late today?

Vinodh : I came on foot. I have an injury in my leg.

Teacher : Yesterday also you came late to English class.

Vinodh : I came with my father in bike. We were held up in traffic jam. I will not excuse you hereafter.

Teacher : How many marks did you score in English I paper?

Vinodh : I scored 60% sir.

Teacher : In English II Paper?

Vinodh : I scored 48% only.

Teacher : Then you are careless in learning grammar.

Vinodh : I shall try to improve, Sir.

Words to Know

  1. Late
  2. Injury
  3. Traffic Jam
  4. Excuse
  5. Hereafter
  6. Scored
  7. Careless
  8. Improve

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