Synonyms & Antonyms : Enchanted


( Adjective )

She was
enchanted with the flowers you sent her.










Contextual Examples:

The scenic view glimpsed through the window of the train
charmed me.

I was
fascinated by beauty of the girl from India.

Meena Kumari
bewitched a generation of movie goers.

The actor’s performance and good looks
captivated the audience.

Her beautiful voice
enraptured audiences everywhere.

Most visitors are
enamored by the marble beauty of the Taj Mahal.

A hypnotist looks for subjects which can be easily

Everyone was
spellbound by the mimicry of young boy at the concert.






Contextual Examples:

The teacher was
disgusted by the continued indifference of the student in studies.

He was advised by the Principal to attract the interest of students in studies by reforming his mode of speech which perhaps
repulsed his students.

I have not yet
replied to my mother’s last letter.

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