English Prefixes

English Prefixes are widely used to form new words which may convey totally different meanings. A Prefix is placed before a root word to make a new word.

Here is the list of
English Prefixes.

A- on, in

abed, aboard, ashore, ajar, asleep

A-out, from

Arise, awake, alight

Be- by (sometimes intensive)

Beside, betimes, besmear, bedaub

For- thoroughly

Forbear, forgive

Gain- against



Income, inland, inlay

Mis- wrong, wrongly

Misdeed, misunderstanding, mislead, misjudge

Over- above, beyond

Overflow, overcharge

To- this

To-day, to-night, to-morrow


Untrue, unkind, unholy

Un-to reverse an action

Untie, undo, unfold

Under-beneath, below

Undersell, undercharge, undergo, underground

With-back, against

Withdraw, withhold, withstand

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