Prefixes are widely used to form new words which may convey totally different meanings. A Prefix is placed before a root word to make a new word.

Examples :

dis + play = display

In this, DIS is a prefix which is placed in front of the root word PLAY to form another word which is DISPLAY here.

be + set = beset

In this, BE is a prefix which is placed in front of the root word SET to form another word which is BESET here.

mis + spell = misspell

In this, MIS is a prefix which is placed in front of the root word SPELL to form another word which is MISSPELL here.

The widely used prefixes are :

a- = not, without

a- = to, towards

a- = of

ab- = also

ad- = also

ante- = before, preceding

anti- = opposing, against, the opposite

ant- = opposing, against, the opposite

any- = of all

be- = all over, all around

bi- = have, two in one

com- = with, jointly, completely

co- = with, jointly, completely

col- = with, jointly, completely

con- = with, jointly, completely

cor- = with, jointly, completely

contra- = against, opposite

counter- = opposition, opposite direction

de- down, away

dia- = through, across

die = through, across

dis- = negation, removal, expulsion

di- = negation, removal, expulsion

en- = put into or on

em- = put into or on

ex- = out

e- = out

ef- = out

extra- = outside, beyond

hemi- = half

hyper- = beyond, more than, more than normal

hypo- under

in- = not, without

il- = not, without

im- = not, without

il- = into, in, towards, inside

im- = into, towards, inside, in

ir- = in, into, towards, inside

infra- = below

inter- = between, among

intra- = inside, within

micro- = small

mis- = wrong, bad & hate

ob- = blocking, against, concealing

out- = surpassing, exceeding

out- = external, away from

over- = excessively, completely

over- = upper, outer, over, above

peri- = round, about

post- = after in time or order

pre- = before in time, place, order or importance

pro- = favouring, in support of

re- = again

semi- = half, partly

sub-= at a lower position

suc- = at a lower position

suf- = at a lower position

sug- = at a lower position

sup- = at a lower position

super- = over, above

sur- = at a lower position

sus- = at a lower position

syn- = in union, acting together

sym- in union, acting together

trans- = across, beyond

ultra- = beyond

un- = not

under- = beneath, below

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