Difficult Words : Extrapolate, Extraneous, Extricate, Extrovert and Exult

Difficult Words: Extrapolate, Extraneous, Extricate, Extrovert and Exult

Extraneous (ik STRAY nee us) adj: unnecessary, irrelevant, extra

To be extraneous is to be extra, but always with the sense of being unnecessary. Extra ice cream would never be extraneous, unless everyone had already eaten so much that no one wanted any more.

The book's feeble plot was buried in a lot of extraneous material about a talking dog.

The soup contained several extraneous ingredients, including hair, sand and a single dead fly.

Extrapolate (ik STRAP uh LATE) v: to project or deduce from some-thing known, to infer

George’s estimates were extrapolated from last year’s data. He simply took all the old numbers and doubled them.

Jacob came up with a probable recipe by extrapolating from the taste of the cookies he had eaten at the store.

By extrapolating from a handful of pottery fragments, the archaeologists formed a possible picture of the ancient civilization.

To extrapolate, a scientist uses the facts he has to project to facts outside.

To interpolate, he tries to fill the gaps within his data.

Extricate (EK struch KATE) v: to free from a difficulty

It took two and a half days to extricate the little girl from the abandoned well into which she had fallen.

Sam had no trouble driving her car into the ditch, but she needed a tow truck to extricate it.

Extrovert (EK stroh vurt) v: an open, outgoing person, a person whose attention is focused on others rather than on himself or herself

The little girl was quite an extrovert. She walked boldly into the roomful of strange adults and struck up a friendly conversation.

Hal was an extrovert in the sense that he was always more interested in other people's business than in his own.

An introvert is a person whose attention is directed inward and who is concerned with little outside himself or herself.

Bud was an introvert. He spent virtually all his time in his room, writing in his diary and talking to himself. An introvert is usually introspective.

Exult (ig ZULT) v: to rejoice, to celebrate

Exult and exalt have distinct though similar meanings. The spelling team exulted in its victory over the pronunciation club at the badminton finals. They were exalted by the spectators as true champions.

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