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Facing Interviews is what we all have done or we are going to do. Many students come out successfully. Others fail there. Although facing interview is a tough task for all of us, we can come out successfully if we follow certain tactics and maintain cool composure. First of all we have to understand what the interviewing people want out of the students and what the students should expect from the interviewers.

Private Firm Interview :

Characters :

M.D. : Managing Director

C : Candidate

Candidate : Good morning.

M.D. : Good morning. Please sit down.

Candidate : Thank you.

M.D. : Introduce yourself please.

Candidate : I'm Radhika. I hail from an orthodox family. My father is running a hotel.

M.D. : Where did you do your schooling?

Candidate : I did my schooling in Tamil Medium Govt. Aided School.

M.D. : But you have fluency in English.

Candidate : I improve myself.

M.D. : Tell me about your collegiate education.

Candidate : I did my B.A. in Corporate Secretaryship and then M.A. in the same field.

M.D. : Why don't you continue your higher studies like M.Phil?

Candidate : My economic condition does not allow it.

M.D. : Oh! I see. Do you need the job urgently?

Candidate : Yes Sir.

M.D. : How much salary do you expect?

Candidate : As per your norms.

M.D. : We will inform by post. You can go now.

Candidate : How long will it take?

M.D. : We can't say it certainly. Within a week may be.

Candidate : Thank you Sir.

M.D. : In case you are selected, can you join immediately?

Candidate : Oh sure. But it depends on the place of work.

M.D. : What do you mean?

Candidate : I mean if I get chance to work in this city, I shall join immediately.

M.D. : We won't place girls in out of station.

Candidate : Thank you sir.

Words to Know :

  1. Introduce
  2. Orthodox
  3. Schooling
  4. Norms
  5. Inform
  6. Fluency
  7. Collegiate
  8. Higher Studies
  9. Economic Condition
  10. Expected
  11. Hail
  12. Corporate

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