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Facing Interviews is what we all have done or we are going to do. Many students come out successfully. Others fail there. Although facing interview is a tough task for all of us, we can come out successfully if we follow certain tactics and maintain cool composure. First of all we have to understand what the interviewing people want out of the students and what the students should expect from the interviewers.

Healthy Points for The Interview :

  • Attend the interview at fixed time.

  • Be a good listener.

  • Trust yourself.

  • Be confident.

  • Wear neat and tidy dress.

  • Be equipoise.

  • Behave well.

  • Be natural.

  • Have eye to eye contact and positive body language.

  • Be brief in your talk.

  • To win-win should be your policy.

  • Have a polite approach.

  • Be respectful.

  • Face anything successfully.

  • Have clarity of thought.

  • Be concentrative and clear in your mind.

  • Never lose your mind.

  • Answer in an appreciable way.

  • Create a good impression.

  • Speak English fluently.

  • Have a resourceful mind.

  • Look cheerful and confident.

  • Empower smiling.

  • Behave gently.

  • Be alert mentally.

  • Understand clear contents of your answer.

  • Don't give room for wavering talk.

  • Think clearly and answer logically.

  • Be motivational.

  • Apply sharp mind.

  • Use good pronunciation.

  • Be active and smart.

  • Be intelligent.

  • Use captivating tone.

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