Simple Sentences used
in Family Talk

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Simple Sentences used in Family Talk :

  1. Welcome

  2. How are you?

  3. How are uncle and aunt?

  4. How is father?

  5. Is he your brother?

  6. Does he go to college?

  7. House looks beautiful.

  8. Rooms are clean.

  9. Where did you get this furniture?

  10. The curtains are beautiful.

  11. How much does this cost?

  12. Good location of the house.

  13. Has your father gone to office?

  14. She is my mummy.

  15. Meet my friend.

  16. Have some coffee.

  17. She reads well.

  18. Her father is a Tahsildar.

  19. Her native is Tanjore.

  20. She is staying in the hostel.

  21. You talk

  22. I shall prepare lunch.

  23. Your mother behaves well.

  24. Where is your Scooty pep?

  25. Why do you ask?

  26. I have to buy some books.

  27. Watch T.V.

  28. After lunch, we can go.

  29. I shall drop you at your place.

  30. Soon I shall come to your house.

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