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16th April 2007.

Your site is one of the few educational sites which are most useful to my children.My daughter (Mary) is a regular visitor of this site. I recommend this site to all the students who want to develop their English knowledge.

Lesley, London.

20th April 2007.

Dear Sir,

I have bookmarked this site as one of my favorite sites which I visit frequently. The Page
Etymology is what I like the most. For many pages have quality information, I like this site very much. The Internet is a wonder. The result is the sites like this are at a click of our mouse.

Joe, Singapore.

24th April 2007.

As someone with English as his native tongue and as a published author, I was wondering what a wonderful site you have created. I spend a considerable amount of time each day on this site, mainly for my writing and publishing interests. Keep it up. I like the page on
Writing Skills.

Peter Rosier, United Kingdom

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Friday - 17th August 2007.

Hi! Ravi ---

What a site! I particularly like the etymology of words...so I could spend much longer reading through that one section alone.

Your newsletter is certainly a great idea for building a loyal following. I can't even believe the energy you must have...sending out a
A Word A Day email! Hopefully, word-lovers will tell their friends.

Are you planning to write any quizzes? Some people actually search for quizzes to do. Also, teachers wishing classroom exercises that they don't have to write themselves may be looking for quizzes to print out.

At any rate, you've got a great website going, and I wish you all the best!


Vicki Funes

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Saturday - 18th August 2007.

Wow, Ravi what a fabulous site. Packed with so much information! Well done.

I would think that an informative sites like yours would be useful to both those learning English and to those who are learning to teach English and looking for extra ideas in the planning of their lessons. Not to mention those of us who have English as their first language and still haven't grasped all of it!

Wish you all the BEST.


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Saturday - 18th August 2007.

What a great domain name!

What a great site!!


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