Synonyms & Antonyms : Filthy


( Adjective )

South Africa is no more a filthy country.








Contextual Examples:

A pile of dirty clothes is to be sent to the laundry.

The slum dwellers live a squalid life.

The policeman used foul language against a suspect without due confirmation of guilt.

People, unclean in mind and spirit, generally try to harm others.

I will not let my lips be sullied by the use of ugly words.

Failure of rains compelled people to drink impure water.








Contextual Examples:

We must first boil the water and then claim it is pure.

Our classroom is so clean, not a peck of dust can be seen anywhere.

Your firmed John always wears immaculate and spotlessly clean clothes.

This shirt is old but unsoiled so far.

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